Sibutramine (Meridia): Weight Loss Side Effects & Dosage

Sibutramine in the month of October 2010 was withdrawn from the US market. It goes on to trigger chemicals in the brain that has an adverse impact on weight maintainenace.  Mostly if you buy medicine online on cheap rates Chicago the objective is to trim down weight. For treating obesity and weight gain, diabetes you can use this drug coupled with diet and exercise. Though it could be used for other purposes but it is not mentioned in the medication guide.

No point in consuming the medicine if you happen to be allergic to the same. Avoid it as well if you are suffering from high and the blood pressure is beyond control or any type of eating disorders. It is better to avoid the medicine if you have a history of heart disease in your family. Discuss with your doctor about medicines or any over the counter medicines that you are consuming. Even mention to them if you do not lose more than 4 pounds after consuming the medicine.

Though still noconcrete evidence exists whether it is going to harm a pregnant woman. Discuss with your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to have a baby. Further no evidence exists whether it is harmful for a nursing mother as it could pass on to the breast milk as well. Make sure that the medication is not given to anyone who is less than 16 years old.

The side effects

If you are witnessing any sign of an allergic reaction seek medical help at the earliest. An immediate stoppage of the medicine is essential if you are facing symptoms of

  • Uneven or fast heartbeats
  • Facing issues with shortness of breath
  • Overactive reflexes or lack of coordination
  • Bruising or bleeding
  • Chest pain or the pain moving over to the head and the shoulders. A general feeling of sickness emerges.

On the other hand a list of serious side effects might emerge as well. When you buy reductil online on cheap rates Washington it is a pointer to exercise. The list includes a dry mouth, headache, constipation, symptoms of flu to name  a few. A suggestion is to discuss with your doctor if you go on to face serious side- effects.

The interactions

The use of the drug may impair or tamper with your reactions. Make sure that you do not venture into anything that might require you to be alert. Even do not take any over the counter medicines without the prescription of the doctor. A suggestion to keep off from cough or cold medicines once you are taking this drug. Even this same logic exists if you consume alcohol. Buy medicine online on cheap rates New York and do not resort to any form of addiction.

Before using this medicine you should discuss with your doctor if you are into any medications that makes you sleepy or not. it can be in the form of  muscle relaxers or sleep medication. What it goes on to do is to contribute to the process of sleepiness. In fact the doctor is going to guide you about the various types of medicines that interact with the drug. Take note of the fact that you should not consume any medicine without taking the approval of the doctor.

The dosage

The dosage of the medicine has to be exactly in the same manner which is suggested by the doctor. No point in consuming it in shorter or longer quantities as per the prescription of the doctor. Anything that is mentioned on the prescription label you need to follow it on all counts. Normally this medicine is taken once and you need to follow the instructions of the doctor.

Sometimes the doctor is going to alter the dose so that you can avail the best in terms of results. Even it is possible to take the medicine with or without food. For starters you need to loose around 4 pounds during the first few weeks of consuming the medicine and this has to be followed with a low calorie diet. Even take stock of the blood pressure and pulse once you take the medicine. A visit to the doctor is essential and do not take the medicine for more than 2 years.


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