Percocet: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & Dosing


Percocet works out to be an opioid potent drug that relies on pain management from severe to moderate. The classification of the drug is part of schedule 2 which indicates that there is a strong possibility of abuse and addiction. When you Buy Oxycodone 80mg Online New York this is one of the points to consider. Normally it is prescribed for any form of serious diseases or surgeries.

The working of Percocet

Percocet is a combination of both acetaminophen and oxycodone that works in tandem to relief pain. The moment you consume this drug there is the component of oxycodone that binds the drug to the receptors of the brain. It is going to reduce the degree of pain that you might feel; still experts are not sure about the exact mechanism of the same. Even the dopamine neurotransmitter goes on to flood the human brain that develops euphoria. What it does is that it goes on trigger the reward system of the human brain. It could be one of the main reasons why the drug might turn out to be addictive. Even the acetaminophen feature of the drug goes on to contain pain relief as the doctors do not have an idea on how it is going to work.

The half- life of Percocet

Half -life is the time required for a medical substance to half its quantity in the human body. Once you go on to take a substance like Percocet, what it means that the concentration of the substance has to turn into half.  With the half – life it also becomes easy to figure out on how long the withdrawal symptoms are going to take.

The main feature of oxycodone acts short as the release turns out to be immediate. For this reason the half- life is estimated between 3 to 4 hours. On the other hand the acetaminophen component does have a half- life of 3 hours. But the half- life might go on to increase if you are having a poor kidney or liver function.

In general terms it might take up to four and five half- lives so as to remove the entire drug from your system. When you buy medicines online with discount Washington it is a though that you need to give. But the drug is most likely to remain in your system for around 20 hours.

The factors that go on to influence the presence of Percocet in the human system

A lot of individual factors come into foray on how long the medicine can remain in the human system

  • Drug interactions- It is known to have certain type of drug interactions that could make the human body clear quickly than before. On the other hand the use of certain medications ensures that Percocet is going to remain in the body a lot longer.
  • Dosage- the more high the dose you take of Percocet the longer it is going to take the body in clearing up the drug
  • Psychological factors- the poor kidney or liver function could take slower time to clear than an individual who has a healthy liver and kidney function. What it does is that the presence of the drug remains in the body for a longer period of time.

How Percocet is going to show up in tests

In a urine test the presence of the oxycodone component present in Percocet is found up to a period of 3 days. In fact urine samples tend to be common due to the longer testing window along with convenience aspect.

As far as the blood test is concerned it is found in the plasma and blood. The presence of oxycodone in plasma is typically in the bracket of 3 hours to 6 hours.. In fact the blood samples might turn out to be a viable bet if an individual is unconscious and is not able to provide an urine sample. When you buy medicines online with discount Chicago such facts emerge to the core.

Last is the saliva and the presence of the drug can be found till a period of two days. Due to the feature of roadside testing the police departments may opt for this test.


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