With the development of digital platforms and e-commerce came online shopping. Online
shopping has ensured the purchase of all desired materials like groceries, meats, fish,
vegetables, and even medicines from the comfort of homes. It is always suggested to look for
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ADHD or attention –deficit disorder/ hyperactivity disorder is a common
neurodevelopmental disorder which starts at childhood and extends until adulthood. The
symptoms of this disease are short attention, quite impulsive, and unpredictable behaviour to
the child being extremely active at times.

There are therapies and drugs used to treat this type of disease which includes:-

● Stimulants effectively manage the symptoms of this disease. They usually bring the
person back to normalcy – about 70% in adults and 70-80% in children. The short-
acting stimulants include Adderall, Dexedrine, etc. whereas the intermediates include
Evekeo, Ritalin SR, etc. and the long-lasting ones include adzenys, Vyvanse, etc.

● Blood Pressure drugs like clonidine and guanfacine help to reduce sleeplessness,
hyperactivity, and side effects of the stimulants.

● Medication – Quite often the doctors have to face the challenges of anxiety disorders
in kids wherein they need to be treated with care. However, Cotempla XR- ODT and
Mydayis are also approved recently for the treatment of this disease among children
and adolescents.

● Talk therapy- In this, the therapist speaks to the child and tries to control the abnormal
behavioural patterns. This is said to have limited success and is usually quite time-

● Alternative therapies are also coming up on the surface like the elimination of meal,
parent counselling, meditation, etc. which can also help at times to treat this disease.
A patient with ADHD is always suggested to take a combination of therapies and medicines
for better results and this needs to be tracked very often to gauge the progress of treatment
and change the course if needed with doctor’s consultation.

Since the ADHD disease requires long term treatment thus the patient family should always
look for ways in which they will be able to save some amount of money which can be utilized
elsewhere. Like any other drugs, these drugs are also available in several generic names.
Therefore once the patient buy ADHD medicines online a substantial amount of money is

Undoubtedly online purchase of medicines is the future and there is a huge path that is yet to
be covered in this domain.